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Energy bounce back

Who hasn’t done something embarrassing at a Party?

Overdone it or enjoyed the night a bit too much?

Great! You were having fun.

However not everyone realises when it leaves you feeling flat the next day there are simple things to make you feel more energised.

With these 5 easy ways to bounce back your energy will feel back in play.

  1. Enjoy a glass of filtered water with a slice of lemon or lime
  2. Take a walk through a scenic park or past some gorgeous buildings or arty statues
  3. Listen to a comedy tape that makes you giggle
  4. Put on pretty crystals or arrange them near your work area to feel uplifted by the colour
  5. Go to a local market and treat yourself to some nutritious bags of whole food

Remember to fill your imagination with positive kind stories that support your best self so you can move forward in style and strength. Now you know how to boost your resilience you may approach the day after celebrations with a new plan. To your best energy!


PS For lunch get some fresh greens at a juice bar!

and if you want to clear out your past clutter to make space for more energy and more good times go here




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