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10 minutes to change your life?

10 minutes to change your life?


Juicing is a fast way to get fresh nutrients into your diet and not a lot people know that there are ways to streamline the process.


  • Uncooked seasonal vegetables that you have not used for a holiday meal make a great juice. These will already be prepped and ready to go. Remember you can freeze raw left overs in bags so they are ready for when you are juicing next.


  • Try using the vegetables that make up a delicious salad you enjoy on holidays or in your favorite restaurant. This is a fast way to create the perfect juice to make you smile. If the result is gorgeous you have a clever new recipe to share with friends, neighbors and colleagues to help them juice with ease.




It can be difficult to juice enough every day as routines often take over the day. There are ways to overcome these obstacles and here we show you how to drink green juice every day without changing your routine.


  • Fresh juices can be frozen in plastic sealed cups and taken in a workbag so they are ready for you. You will not have to get up early to prepare juice for the day.


  • Hot weather calls for longer drinks to rehydrate the body. Celery or cucumber produce tall glasses of juice from just one portion, saving time on buying bottled water.




Using what you have in the kitchen saves time on shopping. If you are short on ideas of how to flavor your green vegetables try these fast fixes.


  • Ginger can boost vegetable juices that are too mild for your palate, making the most of the vegetables you have.


  • Fresh parsley sprigs when juiced with vegetables lifts the taste of the juice as well as adding a nutrients.


  • A dash of lemon is a sharp sweetener to a juice you want to liven up for colder months to get the most out of seasonal vegetables when they are plentiful.


  • Strong tasting vegetables like spinach can be enjoyed in short measures that are fast to drink. Just pop in a sweet fruit like an apple or pear and juice that too, to take the edge off earthy tasting plants




Now you know the ways that juicing can be made easier for you, you may wish to approach juicing differently. For example –


  • Do not start drinking the last juice you prepare until you have cleaned your juice machine. This means you will clean the juicer faster and have it ready for the next juice.


This article has shown that there are a number of ways to adapt juicing to fit your schedule and this will make healthy diets simple to follow.  Start a regular routine and be inspired everyday.


  • To get going with your juicing habit today why not start off by enjoying your favourite fruit as a juice, although always keep an eye on the sugar content in your ingredients


Juicing refreshes the taste buds and lifts up the spirits. The time taken to produce the drink can be longer than you wish and in this article the ways juicing can be done faster to maximise the juice you drink are explained.


Here’s to your success.




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