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5 scents to help you stress less

Tailor your holiday experiences by trying out some beautiful aromas to connect to these feelings.

  1. Check out these scents and see if it gives you a hint of beauty this holiday
  2. Neroli brings in a happy vibe.  Popular body creams often contain an essence of neroli.
  3. Lavender or Jasmine can introduce a touch of luxury.  Try a few drops in the bath.
  4. Sweet Basil or English Lavender can put you in touch with a feeling of tranquility.  Candles with a hint of lavender oil is a useful go to resource.
  5. Lemon zest can help you feel refreshed.  Try a slice in hot water and sipping as you wish.

PS Rose or Lime or Black Pepper are great to can connect you to your bliss.  A few freshly cut roses in a vase can lift spirits instantly.

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