pretty flower apricot

Spring Forward

Shift happens and Spring is the perfect time for this.

Recently I started a new project and got stuck.

I needed to unstuck fast.

I kept asking myself, “What sounds easy?”

I had to let go of the way I’d done previous jobs so that I could truly get a result in a new job.

How to feel positive and happy?

I tapped into what had worked in the past.

Good food, loving thoughts and some exercise is awesome.

Deep down it clicked – HOW MUCH HAPPIER am I when I am doing what makes sense to my values?

A lot.

HOW much more do I achieve in a day when I know I am creating positive energy through what I do?

HOW BRILLIANT does my day go when I shift my perception and think positive thoughts?

It worked again.

After all enjoying it is what being here’s for!

So now as far as I’m concerned, the word “easy” needs to be in our minds every day… in this sentence
How easy am I willing to let this be?

A lot!

park trees

And from that view point I felt Atop.  Find more photos inspired by Atop here

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