Fabulous February Freeze

Here I am standing with a shadow, looking at myself in a London shop window at fashion that may never be part of my life.  I sign up to a February Frost freezing out the bits I don’t want.  I can walk away from a lot of stuff with this extreme cold around me holding me in the moment.


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Today the snow is falling everywhere.  All about me is white. The cold numbs and kills off the old stuff. Even if it’s for a moment I feel whole. I breathe. I am at one with what works. My feet on the ground connects with something solid.  The world shines.


Happy February!

I stand for the fact that you can not rewind nature. And if you enjoy nature during the moment you feel it you may end up with nothing but happy happy life. Enjoy what you are drawn to. Recently I reckon we are all here to feel. I definitely believe we are meant to be on this earth to feel. Honour your feelings and when they are happiness stand in them – no RUN to them!! – well definitely draw yourself to them. Be them.  Let them become bigger than you and draw you up with it. You may end up with the biggest life ever. This is my Sunday belief. I invite you to create testify and embolden and express your own truth. We are all here to share. We are all here to feel. Hopefully we are all here to support one another. So here’s a toast to cool calm growth as a peaceful  collective of humanity that enjoys and celebrates life as nature wherever we find it.

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