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Creepy Cocktails

Healthy Halloween shots are not tough to nail.

Here’s how to use fast fixes to bring your juicing to the party.

Follow these tips and for more information find a free green juice course for you here and add new recipes to your list.

Source some blood oranges, grenadine or make some raspberry coulis ready to shake up your fave juice for the weekend.

A monster mash can be made of your nicest juice by adding a pinch of ginger to the juicer.

If you are using a blender to mix up a smoothie add double the quantity of raspberries or blackberries to make a blood curdling delight.

Decorate your drink with black straws and a plastic spider swizzle sticks to celebrate halloween this weekend.

If you are entertaining then dig out your punch bowl and make enough for everyone to get a healthy hit of fresh juice.

Remember everyone loves traditional lemonade, so juicing two apples and a half a lemon per person makes a fish bowl full of treats to trick.

Don’t forget to go ghoulish green for a ghostly brew of great nutrients by just juicing green vegetables.

Look out for value packs of pre washed salad vegetables that may be on discount for the weekend at your store.

Your body will love you for it!

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Happy Halloween.

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