How to lift yourself up

Hang out with people who inspire you.

Maybe you think you are doing this already.

One way to check.

Look around. Dive into your address book. Flick through you birthday present list.

Do these people life you up?

Find a way to build a peer group who inspire you.

What is inspiration?

It’s a personal thing and unique to you.

Only you know when you are being inspired and added to.

You know in your heart the people who take away your energy.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid people who drain you.

Often there is a way to limit contact with people who do not light you up.

Make a list of three steps you can take to actively reduce the contact you have with people you tolerate.

Perhaps you can cancel non essential meetings, turn down social events that do not make your heart sing or set time limits on conversations you would rather not have.

It’s a great first step.

To carve out a more enlightening day look at the ways you can go to places where people who make your light shine hang out.

Maybe you can take up a new hobby, go walking in the park at lunch or take a tour around a local garden to find people who are passionate about something beautiful.

Take the time to connect with the people who you love.

Let them return the energy to you and bask in it.

It is awesome to be you. Make it so


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