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3 tips to Green Juice Fast

Cold weather coming in with the seasons mean cold drinks are not always what we wish to reach for. Juicing is most important in the Winter as natural vitamins found in fresh juice helps boost the immune system. It can be difficult waking up in the morning and reaching for a cold glass of broccoli juice when coffee looks good.

This resistance to preparing fresh juices early in the morning is common so here are some tips to boost your juicing routine particularly in cold weather.

Not a lot of people know that small tweaks to juice recipes can turn out a juice you love so much the routine becomes a daily habit if you wish to take it on.  There are ways to tinker with the ingredients in your juices to make them a strong contender against your morning espresso.

  • Try drinking strong tasting vegetables like kale or spinach as shots with a wedge of orange or a slice of plum or a strawberry to bite on afterwards.  Instantly the bitterness disappears.  The contrast is also fun to experience.
  • Find a fast way of cleaning your juice machine in much less time for example buy a new larger cleaning brush to get the job done quicker.  Make sure you have a bowl or sink of water ready to put the parts of the machine in as soon as you have finished pressing the last juice.  This means you are ready to make a brand new recipe that will build on creating a deeper love for juicing.  Always have your juicer out on the kitchen surface ready to go.
  • Wheatgrass powder adds a malty, fresh taste to the juice.  This is widely available in health stores and has an impressive list of nutrients.  All you need to do is sprinkle some in to your juice. Spinach is another way to add a  fresh taste to your juice.  Spinach is a versatile green leaf vegetable that brings a grassy, herby taste to the juice.  You may wish to try this in a nutribullet style blender to make a smoothie with banana and berries added first to build up a taste for this.

If you are serious about re igniting your love of green juices why not have look at this free short online course to get your juicing routine in place ready for the holidays.

Happy juicing!


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