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Mmm Meditation

It’s not always easy to learn a new skill.


There are so many instructions to master.


And frankly some seem impossible.


Like empty your head of all thoughts?


With traffic passing by, delivery men arriving and mobile phone notifications running through our life it can be hard to switch off entirely.


Life is busy.


And sometimes if you try something once (or dozens of times) and fail it can be enough to make you think it’s not for you.  Maybe you’re not that type of person to sit and meditate.


There are reasons to try again.


There are many ‘types’ of meditation.


It’s whatever works for you.


If a walk in the park switches you on to calmer energy then stick with that plan.


Maybe even a box set of DVDs is your best way to switch off from complex thoughts some days.


However a brand new free Deepak Chopra meditation has lured me back to my soft cushions and quiet corner of the house.


It’s here.  Click here to try.


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