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3 Super Summer Scents

Scents that are lifting spirits are so important

A memory can be connected to a smell

so use your nose to delete those things you would rather forget.

Walk in your own grace of beauty and purity by choosing your own aroma.

This can be as simple as adding fresh lemon to food to revitalise you.

This can be as fun as spending the afternoon in a holistic shop sampling the scented oils

This can be as luxurious as lying on your back and having a massage with the essence of a flower

This can be a spontaneous as throwing fresh petals in the wind

My three amazing choices that have settled into my aura to boost me this Summer is

1 Nag champa goloka incense sticks which take me to a place that is a garden of flowers

2 Neroli oil revitalises me.   I have been enjoying the convenience of the Decleor blend.  A little goes a long way which is good news for my bank account.

3 Precious Essence made by the healer Barefoot Doctor.  There is a great story of how this blend of scent is created online here  The depth of the aroma is superb and feels good on the pulse points.  I have enjoyed this all Summer and look forward to the enjoyment spreading into Winter.


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Wishing you a rapturous Summer

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