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Ever felt like an outsider?

Like you’re in the wrong place?

I have.

And I was kind of “hiding” in the back row

and that made my life feel small

And that night in bed, I thought about a book title I could see

“We all get second chances.”

And I remember it is OK to start over.

Every moment we get a choice.

I saw everything was possible

I saw the faces of people who could help me feel strong

I gave myself
total permission to let go of the past

And everything felt different

I had a crystal clear vision of my own potential


Whether you’re still “hiding in the back row”
or not

we all have a message that brings us back to ourselves

What is yours?

Write it beautifully and keep it close

Perhaps you haven’t given yourself permission yet…

If so achieve some success today

so now you’re looking for the next level of your life

Take a walk outside

Breathe fresh air

there really is something “magical”

about getting OUT of the day-to-day environment.

Let your mind receive brand new ideas

Find the inspiration to bring yourself to the present

That quote beside your bedside table can be life changing


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