SOS Reiki

If you have had a tough time and looking to do self reiki then tune into your own energy and place your hands simply on your knees as you sit in an upright chair with the feet on the ground.

These additional tips will reboot your system to feel optimism grow like buds and slowly take shoot.  Look out for small glimmers of delight as you feed the best parts of yourself with positive encouragement.

Show little acts of kindness

Each day, try to be kind to others in little ways, opening doors and smiling is a start.


2 Just get outside and move

Take a short walk  to lift your spirits and reduce stress. Nothing strenuous.


Spot negative thoughts

When you catch negative ones, think of something good instead. Many people obsess about others who are successful or happy and it gets you nowhere.


Switch off the news

Bin your newspaper even if it’s just for the day.  Focus on reading books and listening to music that lifts you up or learn something new.  Spend time doing something you love.


Check out nature

Enjoy the colours in a sunrise or sunset. Watch the movement in water, like a river or ocean. Check out the stars in the sky or look for patterns in the clouds. Let nature lift you up.





Clear your head with a walk around Oxford Botanic Garden here