Office Karma

Monday morning hits and it may be time to shift the moment of work into something more uplifting.

You look in the mirror and your usually bright shining face feels a little err grey?

Let’s add bliss to your working life.

Maybe you are doing a job you don’t love but trying to gain resources to create your own ideal career.

Stand in your present job and use these tips to take you deeper into happiness wherever you are working.

Might as well improve your experience of the now.

Jive into the present with these tips.


1 Treat yourself

Take a few minutes each day to give yourself a little treat, whether it’s berries or walking barefoot in the grass during your lunch hour. You deserve it.


This shall pass

If you have had a rough day remember bad things happen, meditate on the fact that “This, too, shall pass.” And it will. And you’ll survive.


3 Experience work in areas you love by volunteering

It will make a big difference in your life especially when you focus on giving to others


4 Follow your passion 

Take up a hobby in your spare time. Chose something that sets your soul on fire.


5 Look at your achievements.

Think about what you have done to date. Make a scrapbook or online picture board to surround yourself with images of your own earned glory.  Count the jewels in your crown.


Now you have tips to create good feeling around your working routine you may notice a feeling of wellbeing.

The above tips have shown you how you to shine brighter.  Keep on doing your positive routine.  Let your true awesomeness radiate through the globe and light the way forward for one and all.







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