Happier Course



If you want to tread a happier course there is good news.  There are lots of great ideas to help you along the way.  With the sun in the sky as summer approaches this brand new online course I spotted, ‘Happier in 7 days‘ by Laura Sly, should fit in well with out door life.  There are 7 video segments, take one a day and ease into happiness.  Each film is around 10 minutes in length so it is the perfect length to digest during a lunch time or over breakfast or just before you slip off to sleep.


The course looks at how the environment affects mood and also how habits can be tricky to get out of (but well worth breaking out of!).  Laura is both engaging and motivating in her delivery.


The videos are full of great information that is easy to understand and should prove to be a great resource to boost the listener’s happiness levels as and when required.  Click here to dive in.