Tidy Tide of Energy

Are you listening to what your body is telling you?


Give yourself more space to grow with these 5 fabulous tips.


Having room to expand into will save you money and time. Not many people appreciate the need to move forward positively. Everything that happens during the day gives us the opportunity to flex our positivity muscles.


The sun is shining, every one is upbeat after the holidays but even the most challenging circumstances can arrive. Such moments give us the chance to become a freer human being.


Maximise the opportunity to grow.


To do this clear the clutter around you. If you follow the tips below this will be an easy step.


Having more space lets your creative ideas take shape, lets you move more freely around your house and be relaxed.


Save money by freeing up spaces that have been used for storing things you need only some of the time. Do you really use the Christmas tree enough regarding the space it takes up year round?


1 Don’t let things live rent free – imagine you are paying for the storage your own house is providing.


Not many people know that using thrift stores to donate and purchasing latest needs saves times and can net you a bargain and a unique look. This saves space and gives you rmore mental real estate.


2 Have less stuff

Start by making room only for things that are important to you, and then fit everything else in.  If you don’t love it lose it.


Reduce the number of task orientated objects staring you back in the face.


3 Nip hoarding in the bud

Have a big cardboard box by your letterbox to let your mail fall into. Only pick out the things you need to read and recycle the rest.


Start systems that stop clutter before it starts.


4 Find extra spaces

Try fitting an underbed box, use small plastic containers that each hold one type of small item, have a ‘junk box’ to pop in things that don’t seem to have a home.


5 Have a space for everything

If you run out of space use the walls check out the many Pinterest boards on shelves that can be put decoratively in unusual places and in beautiful shapes.


Let energy come to you by creating an open path for it to reach you.


As a quick fix – cover up the clutter with a beautiful throw so it’s not staring you back in the face!.


Clear the ground a bit and you can’t fail.

Let’s all walk a highway free of obstacles to reach our goals fast.

The moment of reward happens at the completion of the goal.

So sweep away old thoughts and activate your thinking muscle to bring in the new.


Here’s to moving forward and speedy boarding!




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