4 fast fixes to a productive morning

With a busy schedule staring you back in the face it can be important to invest your early morning time wisely, just like you do with you money.

The moments before the sun fully rises is a precious resource and belongs entirely to you.

This article shows you how to approach the early hours of the morning in a powerful way. Getting organised pays and these few easy steps will show you how you can strategise your day.

Not a lot of people know that without leaving your bed you can achieve more from the day ahead.

 1 Plan Ahead – Every night jot down what you want to do tomorrow. Highlight the important tasks versus the urgent. Focus on the change making activities that will shift you forward the fastest.

2 Meditate -Use your favourite practice to release the stress in your muscles, clear your mind and feel that positive glow through out your body.  A short blast of Yoga breathing can have big results.

3 Give Gratitude – Become effective by celebrating everything you have.  Find a personal way to recognise your joyful experiences. This creates a positive experience of resonating or vibrating with your own success

4 Visualisation – Rehearse applying the right processes in all the right order. Plan your guidelines and recipe for the day ahead.  Repeat this until you feel it in your bones. See the day ahead flow easily for you.

These steps are tested historically by ancient cultures and have a lot to recommend themselves to our daily time management habits.

Now you have seen how to achieve maximum productivity by using under an hour every morning you may approach your planning for the day ahead differently.

Just take a few minutes at first to plan ahead and see how it builds up for you.

This system can become a smart habit should you wish to keep going with it.  You will start to plan out your time according to your goals.

Invest your time well.

You deserve the best return on your best intentions.



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