3 easy ways to reach your goals


It’s human nature to put things off.


Everyone feels busy – with demands like work, family, errands, commitments. It is easy to put things off until the last moment.


When you look at your to do list it can seem like there are not enough hours in the day but it’s worth it  as these goals are part of what you want and these three tips will help you achieve them.

Remember some tasks will bring you joy and make the goals much easy for instance connecting with friends who support you.

1 Make a point to catch up with a friend who hasn’t heard from you in a while.  Reach out to you network to connect to who you are and remotivate

2 Listen to your self speak and not it down.  Look out for words like ‘Sometimes I just don’t have time’ and re word the sentence to see the moment ahead of you as an opportunity.

For example, say to yourself ‘When I don’t have a lot of time I do a little./

3 Trial-and-error teaches us to break through our productivity so try fitting in new tasks at different times to achieve what you want in the day.

With this control you will have more trust in the day ahead.

Instead of having others dictate the terms of the relationship you have with your day you can take the initiative.

Now you have heard these three easy ways to reach for your goal you may approach your daily routine in a different manner.

You may try to use an empty meeting room at work for a 5 minute yoga, walk through the park on the way to doing the sandwich run to practice tai chi or put on ear phones and chant how you like to during the rush hour when no one is listening.

Whenever you next can place your bare feet on a piece of clean ground and connect to your inner joy.

Enjoy yourself to max and reward your efforts.

This post and others here show you ideas about reward.

My reward is a moment in the garden.




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