4 new ways to snack naturally



Short on time but want to enjoy a sweet fix?


Perhaps the fruit you bought is just staring you in the face and not being eaten before it goes too soft to taste nice.


Save time and money by whipping up some fresh juices using your nutribullet or similar device


This post shows you easy combinations that are easy to put together when you are in a rush and taste great when you need a pick me up so you will be ready to get on with your day.


Cherry oh!

Take a dozen of chopped black cherries and a small glass of coconut milk and blend in a nutribullet. Add a pinch of cinnamon before mixing to taste.



Sweet shot

For an instant sugar fix with vitamins included put a handful of seedless red grapes into the nutribullet and blend for a slow count of ten.


Tropical Treat

Small tin of pineapple, soft banana broke into pieces, splash of almond or coconut milk and half a tea spoon of clear honey


Blue Day

Mix an equal volume of blueberries and almond milk and then blitz. Enjoy the colour and taste.


Swift banana smoothie

Into the beaker, break two small ripe bananas plus a small tub of Greek Yogurt (try 0% fat 170g tub) and mix until the liquid looks runny and the same colour throughout.


You have spotted the flavours that work best for me and I hope they deliver a welcome refreshment for you. Now you have these fresh ideas you may approach preparing your next instant snack in a new manner as the options of getting the most from your nutribullet are shown to be many.


Here’s to natural snacking!