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A Course of Adverts

Putting your work out into the world can take planning. Social media has meant ideas are everywhere and it can be hard to direct people to your offering no matter how wonderful the energy is that you have to share. I would love to experience the gifts you have and enjoy the inner beauty of bloggers through their posts but I know there is more to benefit from.

This is why I enjoyed doing Rachel Holmes’ facebook adverts video course. There are half a dozen videos where Rachel starts from the listener knowing nothing except how great their product is. I love her encouragement to not worry if people unsubscribe from lists and found this an empowering way to feel comfortable in being myself in business.


Rachel explains how it is beneficial to have lots of free gifts to offer visitors so they can experience your work. I hadn’t thought of this idea of having more than one offering to connect with potential customers.

Internet marketing can be a sea of confusion but if your message is worth sharing (and I’m sure it is, especially if you are in the spiritual wellness field) then learning techniques to use technology to increase your reach is key.

There are lots of free webinars available and you tube videos will also help you learn great marketing skills for free. I found this course different because it motivated me to look at how the whole funnel fits together for fitness (or wellness) products.  There was a deal on when I purchased the e course but for your interest the link to her site is here (I am not an affiliate!).

Rachel has been working in the fitness industry for decades and has the ability to instantly motivate people.  She has launched Pilates and Nutrition products nationwide.  Her advice in the e course is directed for fitness professionals and I found this interchangeable for holistic services as the benefits are similar.

I found Rachel’s course fun, engaging and empowering. I haven’t put out my facebook ad but I feel confident to do so and her tips on how to design it by pouring out your creativity onto a large note pad felt like the start of an organic process.

I will let you know how it goes!