New Year New You!



If you deeply desire your life to come a whole lot easier …

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In just a few short steps, you can experience my 10-minute process to put your profits on speed dial

Discover how to eliminate distractions now.

1. Set Up Rules to Stay Sane.

Be aware of the burden with emails. Use rules to automatically filter your emails. Your eyes shouldn’t have to glance over junk mail so have your mail land into a basket where you just select the important letters you need to respond to.   Set time limits for meetings and try meeting every month instead of fortnightly.   Let technology ease your frustration by blocking out unimportant content that will break your rhythm.

2 Chose nutrition to nourish you

Identify which foods make you feel flat after you have eaten them.

Find the foods that keep you sharp mentally & physically.

Keep experimenting and tweaking to get the balance right so you stay on top of your game.

It is worth the effort when you think of the great things you can achieve when you are in good form.

3 Now is the time to refocus.

Rewrite your goals up in your ideas book or journal.

Fill your screensavers with pictures of things that bring you joy.

Keep positivity at the forefront of your mind and make space for the wonderful things you visualise to happen.

Keep your energy happy as we move into a new Chinese New Year!


Do you have any tips to boost productivity? Share in the comments below!


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