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Book Review – Wonderful Workplace?

carnivorous plant
carnivorous plant


During an online challenge to find a project I (and others) would love to do as a money maker I met the writer of a book that has appeared on Amazon today.  It is joyful to see the success of this author who has created a great way to deal with stress in the workplace.

The book – available here –  has 87 pages of practical tips to navigate and is written by talented writer Heena Pattni.

If you are about to start work in an office or have worked in one for a while then here you will find everything you need to know about working in a professional office with some great techniques for handling them. This book was an easy read and made me smile in places.  Heena’s perspective on common office issues make you think again so you can stand back, say ‘so what’.

The emphasis on keeping your eye on your own goals is great to cue to keeping an eye on the big picture is especially when being confronted with difficult colleagues or disruption.

The question remains is at what point does a job become something we no longer love?  This book will help you stay long enough to make a considered decision!


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