Whoops! Where’s the Woo Woo?


The walk to the caravan was slippy.  The get away was not turning into the ideal retreat.  Our bodies felt tense and our legs gave way on the mudflats that were supposed to be shore line.  We slipped together and the entire food supplies we were carrying rolled under the car. We had a week of meditation in an isolated location ahead us.  I thought we would never come back from that one.

Fortunately the next morning was a session of light movement or chi kung as it turned out.  I had never tried it before but it worked in such a subtle and powerful way.  The body felt energy flowing through it again and however these small movements worked I was not going to argue.  I felt human again.

An easy way to get into this cool world of chi kung is to follow simple directions clearly described and I found some here.  This chi kung website will help ease you up off the sofa (or yoga mat) and up onto the balls of your feet and get the chi flowing!

One result I find is my breath is more even and deeper after I have done chi kung.  The body feels lighter and life looks good when I open my eyes.

I would love to know your favourite exercise from this site.  I met the writer whilst doing an online entrepreneurial challenge.  It was great to watch the work grow.

Just click here to enjoy!


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