green juice

Fresh Fruit Fun



Got a new nutribullet just not sure what to put in it?


Open up the fridge and spot some of these fruity ingredients to get going today with your brand new kitchen blending machine


Juicy Raspberries

A dozen soft raspberries, two optional leaves of mint and a large splash (or quarter of a cup) of unsweetened coconut milk make a sharp and fresh drink.


Mango Mix

Put 3 slices of mango with one ripe banana broken into four pieces into the bottom of the large plastic cup and cover the fruit with coconut (or almond) milk before blitzing.


Tropical Temptation

For a fast vitamin C fix, empty a small tin of pineapple chunks with their own juice into the plastic cup and add an equal amount of coconut milk.



Now that you have spotted a few easy combinations that will serve up delicious drinks within minutes you may approach using the nutribullet in a different manner.  The easy way soft fruits deliver great refreshment has been pointed out as something we can all be inspired by.

To your health, cheers!