Book Tip

The wrapping is all over the floor.

Christmas is chaos and totally unwrapped.

Enjoy the colour of the ribbons, papers and tinsel at your feet.  Flying low and wanting your attention.

You may not know if it’s time to pull the rubbish away from the goodies.

The bright shining presents left by the generosity of others are grabbing your attention.

Or maybe not.

If your presents aren’t all you desired and you’re looking for a fun and meaningful basis of moving forward in the new year try this book on Amazon.

You think of a question, open a page and it suggests an answer.  The magical thing is… it connects people.

If you ask wide and deep questions it works equally well.

Unlike the Christmas Woolly Jumper it IS one size fits all!

Such is the magic of the words.  Dip in here or sign up for a free batch of inspiring emails here

Feel free, feel easy