Big Chill Out



Chill out Christmas


The house is full of family or empty of the type of joy you are used to.


It can create an energy slump to break out of a routine that you have created because it works for you.


The seasonal bottleneck at supermarket check outs, car parking exits and coffee shops makes it tough to carry on regardless.


Try these tips to re connect back to your body and feel your flow.


Focus on one small thing and count the details in it when all about you are losing their head. Don’t join them!


Get help if there are tasks you definitely have to do that are also piling the pressure on you. Decompress and enlist another pair of hands.


Make time out for yourself and surround yourself with therapeutic scents and warmth.


Laugh out loud at your favourite part of a movie or a silly you tube clip.


Give each job you have to do more time than you would normally allow.


Let it go.


Here’s to your flow.