Plank at the deep end


After years of enjoying pure aerobics,  Fitness Pilates is something I dive into to see what happens.  Movement brings  belief in the potential of ourselves.  Trying a new style of class is bound to change something in my world.

I enter into the training room with a mixture of excitement and fear.  Part of me thinks that a weekend won’t be long enough to figure out this mystical art, however  a new pair of yoga pants fortifies me enough to feel in safe hands!   After just ten minutes I find masses of simple moves I can do well.

The weekend is a special time with a supportive gang of people. I go away thinking of one of my favourite quotes, ‘Do what you love and you will not work a day in your life’.

I can cut to the chase and tell you that the people I befriend on the course have gone on to create new businesses that give them a great life.

As well as taking up Fitness Pilates the weekend inspires, motivates and spurs me to take projects forward in my life.  Movement is about motivation and it’s rewarding to follow the Pilates flow.

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