February Steps Forward

Snowdrops have given their beautiful burst in the local fields.

Soon bluebells will colour the walkways.

The colour around the open spaces is a beautiful invitation to inhale goodness.

As I take a walk in a local park I remember the good that I seek is here for me.

Breathe in the good.

Feel it.

Enjoy that energy.

Feel the quality of each breath.

And release.

Coming back from the walk I can see the piles of work still to be done.  The fresh air is still in my air and I remember to release judgement.  Let go of hard edges.  Put your energy out into the world and move on.

You are.

That’s enough.

That’s MORE than enough.



enjoy other roads less travelled here


Sat staring at my computer screen I was thinking about Social Media and how it can be a blessing in spite of making life busy.

One conversation can change your plans.

One day can alter your path.

One person can change your life.

Smiles are powerful however they find their way to you.

They make you feel instantly amazing.

I check out other ideas to feel happy today.

I know how to find the clutter around me as it neither makes me happy or joyful.

There are reasons why these things have found me and I check out what I have done recently that was less than uplifting!


Ever eaten crazy amounts of food with lots of chilling?  Did you love every minute and then after feel dull?
I know I did.
Try these green juice combinations to feel sharper
  • A handful of kale and one zucchini with a half of pear for sweetness is a mellow earthy drink to balance your taste buds.


  • Or a mono juice like pure celery (with a shot of ginger if you want to feel super alive) can hydrate your body.


  • A mono juice of tomato has a zingy taste that comes with a free mojo blast!
To add to your own personal balance clear an area on your busy work desk and place something that makes you feel refreshed.  Check out new ways we can connect to nature.
Here are some ideas –
  • a scented candle


  • a cut flower in a tall vase


  • a singing bowl


Step into a great month ahead.  Here’s to many beautiful days and gorgeous walks.



For more inspiration from nature enjoy a free ebook with garden stories to uplift and ignite your path ahead here