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7 ways to transformation

Stress can be in front of us before we see it clearly heading in our direction.

It is a good plan to find out the source of what causes stress in us and looking to change that.

In the short term here are some tips to reduce and let go of the feeling of stress.

Pick out a few and create a routine you can go to when the experience of stress is noted by your body.

  • Ask for a hug.  It feel good to connect.
  • Go for a walk.  Brisk exercise lifts the spirit.
  • Open a window and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Give yourself a longer time to sleep.  More sleep eases the body.
  • Write down things you want to let go on pieces of paper and tear them into pieces.
  • Find sounds that relax you and have them at hand, ready to play.
  • Surround your space with freshly cut flowers.

Take good things in with every in breath and remember to let go of the past on the out breath.

Now you have learnt some of the ideas that can help you let go of stress you may approach your routine to relax in a fresh manner.  Taking up a new hobby like yoga or rambling can easily add these habits to your routine.  Here’s to your success.

Om Shanti Om

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