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7 super tips for a Sweet Life

Live is sweeter without sugar.


You read this everywhere that our diets are better without sugar.




But how do we cut out the sugar when it’s so tempting?


You know the scenario.


You come home from work or college and hunger strikes and maybe it hasn’t been the best day ever.


You need to eat and all that sits in the fridge is vegetables ready to be prepared and one big fat good looking chocolate bar that is good to go right now.


When you’re tired and hungry it is a no brainer!


So here are some clues about how to naturally reach for the greens not the chocolate browns!


1 First bin the sugar.  Take your in date sweet products to a food bank and feel good about your donation.


2 Take a walk through a park after you have eaten to feel alive and connect to your energy.  Exercise is happy making.


3 Keep a glass of water near you to stay hydrated throughout the day.


4 Make sure your meals are making you feel full.  Find ways to add in extra green vegetables in an easy fast and yummy way.


5 Go nuts for Almonds, Hazelnuts, Cashews.  They have a natural sweetness that is nice.


6 Check your daily routine for when you can fit in a short meditation.  Try this free seated 2 minute relaxation meditation here


7 Wind down with a relaxing bath or quiet moment with a herbal tea before bedtime to make sure your sleep is of a good quality.


Now you have seen ways you can change your routine to easily move towards a sugar free life you may approach your day differently.