Easy Goal Getting







We all have a side that dreams big and another side to ourselves that is practical and doubting.

This is the time to look from support and an energy boost from our environment.

Having affirmations that talk us into our well selected goals in the right place is a great strategy for Spring.

Let positive words Spring you into action.

Achieving your goals can make you feel happy and to do this starts inside you.

It starts with changing your thinking.

So use a daily affirmation in one (or more!) of these cool ways.

Plug it into your tablet memo pad

Write it on your fridge in magnetic letters

Stick it on your car dashboard.

Keep a postcard with it on in your lunchbox.

Prop it up in a beautiful picture frame on your work desk.

Look into the mirror everyday & remind yourself what you want from your life by having a positive note for yourself there too.

Say your goals out loud and feel in your body any sensations and send your feelings out into the universe.

If you feel like dancing or wearing bright colours go for it and make a bold statement.

Take every step to Spring into your full potential.

“Today I choose to think positive thoughts

It’s that simple.

Celebrate your inner strength with a jar of freshly cut wild flowers.

Enjoy their beauty as a reflection of yours.

No matter how gigantic your dreams everything can be captured in miniature and the details enjoyed.

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