7 Fast Fresh Fixes

Like any new season, Spring is a new beginning for nature and a great time to enjoy new projects with a fresh perspective and can be celebrated all year round for the flow of new energy to bring to life all the best of our intentions.

But you may have a head full of ideas that are not moving forward right now.

Use these tips to create a clear path for tasks that need to be done to move along.

Try a reiki boost to reenergize the space around you and help you connect to the energy Spring.

1 Do a lunch hour declutter. Feel lighter when you have thrown out things you no longer need.

2 Get rid of the forgotten dust that builds up on top of unused shelves over the fall and winter.

3 Open the windows and let the fresh spring air flow in first thing in the morning.

4 Hear the birds tweeting first thing in the morning and all day long.

5 Put fresh cut wild flowers in a glass jar on your coffee table and work desk.

6 Be in the outdoors as much as possible. Take long walks and pick up your gardening tools.

7 Book a massage to relax into the new season.

Now It’s time to celebrate Spring so will you join us?

Let’s plan to meet up with our friends and neighbours who have been hibernating all winter, just like us.  You could go window shopping and enjoy the bright colours of the spring displays.  Gotta love the extra hours of daylight in the evenings!


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