lay down

You have an idea of what would make you happy.

Maybe it’s vague at first, a shape, a colour or a direction.

Or you know what thing is exactly.  It is what you’ve been looking for and exactly what you NEED but you don’t have it (yet)

I have great news on bringing it closer.

After all it is exactly what you want am I right?

Here it is.

STOP procrastinating and lose the “it has to be perfect” mindset so you can jive permanently into experiencing it.

And help is always at hand (remember self reiki)

And here’s a new trick…

Sometimes people will promote your message or clear your path just because….

…they want to see you do well

…or they like you

…or they want to learn from you (there can hundreds of reason why you got a yes!)

Don’t hesitate in reaching out

I’m probably right to assume you regularly reach out to others to help them with their journey.

I’m right or am I right?  Lay it on me.

Well the energy is the same and it is out there to support you (just the same)

Network with a community of like-minded spirits who can help you get where you want and support your journey

Speak in a way that expresses the desire for what you want.  Clear the channels to communicate freely and with no effort.

Maybe you’re still working a day job but dream of it but you can be true to your heart.

I know that you can see it

and it’s close because

your beauty makes the sun shine

so let the rays radiate through.


Feel the warmth.




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