Mmm meditate


Here’s to your success and your goals.


Stuff you thought was going to work…doesn’t. The new client you thought was coming on board has now disappeared.

How do you recover and then hit every goal you set?

There’s a 10-minute process that will help you create HUGE results, by keeping you focused.

Remember, focus is a choice.

It’s time to think bigger than you’ve ever thought.

Walk into your best light and remember no one can make you feel small.

First you need to give you permission to grow and be the best you because when you hit a bump on the road you do not want to derail.

Stand tall.

Take a deep breath in long enough for you to be you. Take a moment to express one feeling authentically.

Visualise what it looks like to be the joyful, successful, happy, resilient and healthy you. See the image clearly. How you imagine this outcome may change on a moment by moment basis.

Notice your breathing. Hear the out breath.

Return to the hear and now with your spirit resilient to all that is before you.

The earth is beautiful.

You are part of the earth.

Feel the resonance in your fingertips.

Look around and enjoy your new sovereignty.




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