6 easy steps to vitality



It’s all too familiar. You wake up late and run the day playing catch up only to find at the end of the day you have forgotten your good intentions for the early morning jog and the evening meditation.


Life just gets busier when you factor in socialising with friends, your social media life not to mention family time.


Help is at hand with a few easy to implement changes that will give you the improvement in your feelings of calmness and togetherness you desire today.


Add avocado to your diet for healthy oils and fibre


Drink some fresh, unflavoured water for gentle rehydration everytime you sit in areas with central heating and closed windows


Exfoliate. A handful of sea salt with a drop of olive oil rubbed into the thighs can provide a smooth outcome.


Find an aromatherapy oil that suits you that will help ease you into a good nights sleep. Lavendar is a good first one to try out.


Self massage your lower back gently to relieve tension. Pass your thumbs over your forehead to help let go of tense muscles.


Stand as tall as a runner bean stretching your body as far as is comfortable, to release places you may have been holding yourself tight.


There is no ladder. Go to the top!


Now that you have read the tips above you may approach your goal setting differently and


Start today!