Which Way Now?

Which way now?

I stared in the mirror and a question came back.

You want to be part of a community and you enjoy launching your next business idea but maybe the two don’t fit?

Going into the new year I am embracing the ‘both and’ model rather than the ‘either or’.

In short I want my penny and my bun.

Hmm.  I want it ALL!

But how?

I have tried a free course.  It’s starting again soon.  It encourages you to plot your own ‘money map‘.  The ideas suggested by the heart centred guru Alexis Neely give lots of options of ways to move forward.

Thing is, putting energy out there can be draining without some structure!  There is also good insight for healers with their own business who want to move forward without losing their inner connection.

This transforming short course is free of charge and I would love to hear if you try it, how you get on.  An offer of an opportunity to go deeper is made at the end of the course, that said, the free sessions are enough to make a difference on their own.

Here’s to your success.




P.S. On occasion, I may receive a commission when you purchase a product I recommend. That being said, I strive to always offer useful content and resources in each post of Reiki Fresco.