9 steps to New You




It’s a new year. Time to make the most of it.


There are 9 Easy steps to a new you.


Be NEW! Be the first to master something new. Stay unique and stand out.


Enjoy these easy ways to invent a fresh string for your bow and present a new you.


Everyday do one thing (safely!) you have never done before to expand your comfort zone. Be silly (drink cola with orange!) or serious (make eye contact and smile at a stranger)


Once a month take a new route into the office or into town.


Every year go somewhere you haven’t been before, a new city or a new country or a new park.


Buy a bunch of flowers full of a variety that is new to you.


Sport a brand new colour via a scarf, tie, jewel or bag.


Watch an old film you had not heard of before. Trawl the archives of your favourite online video provider.


Learn a few basic greetings in a foreign language you have never head spoken before.


Mastering a new skill, however small lets you be great at all you do and the golden reflection of success glows into other areas of your life.


Hello to the new you. Emerge shining!