Step by step Xmas


I don’t know about you dear reader if holiday season is relaxed or a bit more frazzled, but for me it is somewhere in between and today I have found a solution!

A friend I made on the recent 30 Day Challenge (‘Screw Work Lets Play’ is the superb title!) has launched the pilot of her Christmas e course, showing us ways to take it a little easier. The small daily actions are delivered in bite size chunks to your email.

The terrific news is it is free of charge and available easily for you.

You need to visit this web page here to connect

Today’s offering for me, I found invaluable

‘One simple action is enough:
– smile at strangers

Just think about something that would make you smile and then do it for somebody else.
Not only today – and watch how you feel, how the joy spreads.’

This is beautiful and a simple style of getting some fast good results.

Some wisdom we need to be reminded of, especially during the holiday season

‘ – hug a friend – you don’t need a reason’

I’m looking forward to my next segment from the course and hope you enjoy experiencing it for yourself.  The course is delivered, designed and written superbly by the multi talented Sabine Konrath.