7 Ways to Laughter

It’s easy when it flows.
When it’s not easy to find the flow then the shoots of laughter can be hard to reach.
Stretch some of your happy feelings into the crackle of a laughter but stepping out of your comfort zone.
Here are some signposts that can smooth the path.
Do a silly selfie.
Make up a new word.
Find a joke that makes you laugh.
Set a timer for 60 seconds and laugh until the chime sounds .
Sing your own message to yourself in a song.
Place a shell in your hand and think about it’s journey.
Applaud a busker on the street. Listen to their message. Clap your hands loudly.
Connect to a bigger picture.  Join a global campaign you believe in.
Stand rooted to the ground.  Feel the connection to the earth by putting your bare feet onto the
grass if you can.
Do a star jump. Just because you can.
Lie flat. Let the ground take your weight.
That’s it.
Now you have seen the basics to bringing a smile to your life you may approach the Monday morning moment different from the get go.
Here’s to you and your awesomeness.